The nonprofit Fondazione Ghisla Art Collection was founded in April 2014, with the aim of making an artistic holding of international value available to the public, to be shared with all those who recognise art to be an indelible asset.

The collection has been created by the Ghislas, a husband-and-wife team impelled by a growing and eclectic passion for artistic expressiveness. The collection occupies a futuristic building that has just been built as a project by the Moro & Moro architectural studio of Locarno; it is located in the centre of the town just a few metres from the marina.

The works in the Fondazione Ghisla are laid out in eight rooms over three floors. Their layout is not determined by chronological rigour or by a division by the movements and trends that have characterised the art from the late 20th century up to today. Anyone entering these spaces immerses himself in the taste of Pierino and Martine Ghisla, who over the past forty years have gathered perfect masterpieces from the Pop Art, Arte Informale, Conceptual Art, Abstract Art and New Dada movements… together with emerging artists who are perhaps less well-known to the general public. Their approach has been as though they were welcoming guests into their own home.