Carole Solvay

Temporary Exhibiton // March 13th 2021 – August 22nd 2021
Until August 22, 2021, the top floor hosts a temporary exhibition of the work of Carole Solvay.
Solitary and contemplative by nature, her approach is that of a self-taught artist. Traditional weaving techniques were the early driving force in her career, but Carole Solvay soon moved on to creating small open-weave pieces that freed her of the tiresome limitations of the loom. By incorporating wire and wire mesh, she can now create three-dimensional objects. She then moves on to integrating objects she finds during her frequent walks in Nature: the bones of small rodents, hair, fish scales and feathers.

She begins producing small objects that she affectionately calls her “Grigris”, her Shields, her Belts. Feathers increasingly become the subject of her most intimate artistic explorations and working with them, she develops a set of unique techniques: she cuts, trims and pierces them to then reassemble the pieces, inventing objects and figures that bring back memories. She also combines them with fibres, thin wires and small pieces of plastic foil. In her creations, everything she touches, covers, caresses and punctures, floats, levitates or vanishes in a ray of light, recalling the inner music heard during a childhood spent in close proximity to Nature. Her works uncover the emotions of youth that have been cleansed by the intricacies of forgotten memories.