16th March 2024 – 5th January 2025
On the ground floor and upper floor, in order to celebrate its tenth anniversary year, the Fondazione Ghisla, welcome his guests with a blaze of colour. This is present in the works of the artist Renato Tagli, born in Locarno in 1956 and a resident of Cevio for forty years.

A graphic artist by profession, after his studies at the CSIA in Lugano and some experiences abroad, in 1983 with his life companion, Sabina Oberholzer, he set up the Sabina Oberholzer and Renato Tagli graphic design studio in Cevio. And it was in these surroundings in the valley that his love of art merged with his profound interest in nature, leading him to transform gardens, woods and river banks into art installations and plant sculptures, in harmony with the spirit of “Land Art” and Environmental Art.
The element of play, freedom of invention and spontaneity of gesture are essential elements in Tagli’s creations, which explains the variety of works to be found in the exhibition: from the manual work typical of the applied arts to environmental projects, from painting in the minimalist tradition to programmed art. The varied and manual nature of the works does not however exclude the conceptual aspect behind them, particularly when working on the landscape, modifying its appearance by means of interventions with implicit symbolic and ecological significances, always in harmony with nature.

Over the years Renato Tagli has also had many opportunities to present his works in competitions or international exhibitions, obtaining ample acknowledgement. One example can be seen in the multi-coloured materials on display, all of which handmade personally by the artist and exhibited in 2021 and 2023 in two important exhibitions in two different cities in China: the result of a long journey that began back in the Seventies.

Especially for the exhibition, a volume will be published containing reproductions of the works exhibited and an essay in Italian and English by Professor Claudio Guarda.